My Plan

Ok, so this is my first real post if you don’t count, which you shouldn’t, all the test posts I had when making this. This is my plan for what I’m going to be blogging in the near future.


Since the new spring season just started I will probably be bloging a lot of those. Utawaremono, Ah! My Goddess Season 2, School Rumble Ni Gakki, and Soul Link. I will probably also be blogging Fate/Stay Night and Kasimasi even those two have been going for a bit, still not too late too start. Regarding AMG and School Rumble, I will probably be going back at a later time and blogging their first seasons, but only after the second.

I won’t just be blogging the new shows, but also some of my favorite older shows. I’m not sure which ones I’ll do, I might even randomly pick some from my favorites to do.

7 thoughts on “My Plan”

  1. Welcome to Animeblogger and the anime blog world! I’ve linked you. Good luck with blogging, the Spring season sounds packed (I’m barely trying to catch up with Winter!) I’ll be checking in to read. :) Looking forward to your reviews.

  2. Nice looking site! I believe that I would be happy to add your link to my site. I will also like to compliment you on having clean screenshots that is just one of my pet-peeves.

    By the way, if you ever need any help with your site please let me know. I will try my best to help.

  3. And if you don’t mind could change your like to my site from Anime Life to AnimeLife. It’s one word not two words; I did my site name like that on purpose.

  4. Clean screenshots? I was referring to the fact that they don’t look like crap. They look like they are easy to see and not all pixelated. I really guess thats the best way to describe it.

    I guess you could say it’s one of those things that you have to see an example. But I just can’t seem to find one right now.

  5. I remember that you sent me an email asking me to link your site to mine. And you asked because you were trying to get people to read your website. I have a suggestion. I think you should try to get your site listed on It’s a website that keeps track of the updates on all the anime blogs out there. I believe that will increase your readership.

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